Club Values

As a club:

  • We provide opportunities for individuals to enjoy the game of cricket regardless of gender, background, age and ability
  • We value our presence in the local community and our involvement with local schools
  • We promote diversity and inclusion and embrace members from different cultures, ethnicity and religion
  • We pride ourselves on initiatives enabling people with disability to use our facilities and work with our coaches
  • We have created a culture of open communication, friendliness and trust and challenge any behaviour  or actions that damage our reputation
  • Whilst being non-elitist, we strive to develop excellence and help our cricketers to fulfil their potential
  • As a community club, we are committed to the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our members
  • We are increasingly aware of our responsibilities with respect to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions and our future activities will be driven by the need to protect the environment
  • We are committed to observe The Spirit of Cricket at all times and in all circumstances.  (see code below)

The Spirit of Cricket

Over many years we have established a proud reputation as a friendly and welcoming club, both on and off the field of play. We aim to play our cricket competitively but very much in accordance with The Spirit of Cricket.